4 Reasons why you should use #hashtags on LinkedIn!

Very often you hear different opinions on the topic if you should use #hashtags on LinkedIn like: “Why should I use them, they do nothing!”, “Too many hashtags only distract the reader.” and also “Hashtags are for Twitter, not LinkedIn.” The key problem I see is, that most of them still don’t know how hashtags can help their accounts. In this blog post, I want to clarify and show you 4 big reasons why you should start using hashtags on LinkedIn as soon as possible! [For the people among us that don’t know what the mysterious hashtag is. Here is a small explanation. The hashtag is the symbol “#”, you can use this symbol in your articles & post to highlight a specific topic. Just use this symbol in front of your preferred word. If everything is done correctly your word should have a blue look.]
1)┬á Your article will grab the reader’s attention!
Many LinkedIn users scroll down their feed in search of information that is important to them. In the process, they look for keywords that stand out. And that is why hashtags are important for the everyday user. They show exactly the main topic of your text with just a few words! They grab the reader’s attention because they are colored in blue, have the # in front of the keyword, and are often located under your post/article. The location is important because it is way easier for the user to find them compared to the situation where your hashtags are spread out all over your post. Conclusion: If you use hashtags in your text that are related to your post, you will have a higher chance that potential users or future clients will read your post!
2) You can find every article/post with the same hashtag in just one place!
Personally, I think this is one of the best functions for hashtags on every social media platform out there. And sadly many people worldwide still don’t know,- use it. Did you know that the latest articles with the same hashtag are collected in one specific place on LinkedIn? This knowledge will open many doors, so you can reach your goal faster! For example: If you search for a trending topic and want to be up to date. Or you are just curious what opinions other people have on this topic. You can just go to your hashtag and discover every post that is related to your interest. The good part is you will find every post (worldwide) that has used your specific keyword/hashtag in the past! Maybe you wonder, but how can I find this secret place? 1. Tap in your search bar #subjectX, for example.: #sustainability 2. Press Enter 3. And now you are here! Just scroll down and find the articles that relate to you the most. Easy right?
3) It is easy to find a new community.
Like we already learned, if you search for a hashtag. You will find all post&articles which were published recently for your topic. But we should not forget that we will also find all the people who created the articles under your specific hashtag. Plus like-minded people like you and me! So they are people who use this hashtag and are interested in your topic. This means that you found a place where like-minded people search, read, and discuss one topic. Just like a real community! (But they don’t know it yet!;)). Essential if you search for a new sparring partner or a collaboration or you just want to check out your competitors! Just click on the person who published the post to see their profile and start networking!
4) If you follow a hashtag, you will stay up to date!
Did you know that you can not only follow people but also hashtags? If you do so, you will get regular updates on your feed with content that uses your preferred hashtag. This way you will never miss out on important news! Why do you use hashtags and how? Let me know in the comments below! I am very curious to hear your opinion. Would you like to learn more about efficient ways how you can use LinkedIn in your favor? You are very welcome to join my monthly masterclass ‘Secrets of LinkedIn!’ Follow my LinkedIn profile for updates! Personally, I learned everything about LinkedIn from using this platform actively for the past few years and I am still learning new things to this day! Feel free to reach out to me and ask questions. I would be more than happy to help you out! ­čÖé Have a wonderful day!
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